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Palatine Picnic Catering Services

When the Walter brothers began their catering business out of the back of a kitchen of a restaurant they owned in 1989, little did they know that it would evolve into the kind of success Tasty Catering has become today. Just recently, Larry Walter, Chief Operating Officer, and Kevin Walter, Chief Procurement Officer, were inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Larry and Kevin were acknowledged for their entrepreneurial talent, dedication and innovation, and are now among more than 500 distinguished other inductees, including their business partner and brother, Thomas Walter, CEO of Tasty Catering. Since its origin, Tasty Catering has emerged as one of the regions’ most highly sought after outdoor catering establishments.

If you are searching for an answer to your next company picnic or outdoor catering event, look no further than the finest in the business – Tasty Catering. We are exactly what the doctor ordered in delicious and exquisitely-prepared cuisine. Tasty Catering will handle your request with the greatest of ease. Not only are we known for our superb catering talent, but we are also recognized for our outstanding abilities in synchronizing your entertainment and managing your décor, so that your pig roast or company picnic are complete sensations for you and your guests. Regardless of the kind of outdoor catering event you are hosting, Tasty Catering is the superior choice. We’re no strangers to the catering world – whether it’s pig roast catering, picnic catering or outdoor catering. We have been on hand to help our corporate friends in Palatine with their fashionable pig roasts, catering events and company picnics. If you are contemplating hosting a mega outdoor catering event this summer, check out our pig roast possibilities.

Palatine Corporate Picnic Catering

Palatine, Illinois residents have a great sense of pride in their long history and deep roots. Palatine is located in Cook County and is a northwestern residential suburb of Chicago. Palatine’s motto is: “Where Quality is a Way of Life.” The population of Palatine is close to 70,000 residents, with about 30,000 households. The median income for a household in Palatine is almost $90,000, and the median house value is just about $300,000. Although, Palatine’s metropolitan, cultural and business advantages are within easy reach, the community is able to maintain a sense of small hometown feeling for the residents. Palatine possesses a pleasant mix of residential homes, commercial businesses, and light-industrial offices, surrounded by parks and open space. They all contribute to providing Palatine with a solid tax base and a tranquil atmosphere. Palatine has many recreational and leisure activities available. Furthermore, there are a multitude of businesses within Palatine. Not surprising is that Palatine’s business community considers Tasty Catering as one of their best kept secrets! Within the last five years or so, we have added pig roasts to our menu. It became an immediate success for Palatine customers’ picnic catering and company picnics. It’s no wonder that our delectable cuisine and quality customer service have made Tasty Catering’s name one and the same with excellence! We are able to provide all the necessary amenities of a corporate or small business’ company picnic or pig roast for an affordable price.

Palatine Outdoor Catering

If you are looking to entertain without seeming too excessive, you need to get in touch with Tasty Catering. Instead of renting out an expensive venue with glass chandeliers and maître d’s, we can offer you a more enjoyable event held in a comfortable setting where you can attend wearing comfortable, casual clothes and practical shoes. It will be an awful lot like a fun, family picnic, only it will be with your colleagues. Sound better? Of course it does! That’s what the experts at Tasty Catering thought, too. For over five years, we have been offering options to our small business and corporate customers that has really been a huge triumph. We give them a selection of pig roasts, company picnics and outdoor catering to choose from. It costs the company less, and the employees like it a whole lot more! People have fun. And if you spill barbecue sauce on your shirt; no problem. It will come out in the wash! That’s a lot better than spilling it on an expensive silk tie or chiffon party dress, isn’t it? Furthermore, Tasty Catering can create a themed event for you like a Hawaiian Luau with a roast pig, and Tiki torches and flower leis. And, if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse, you are going to want the expertise of Tasty Catering to fall back on for their alternative emergency planning. Our competitors often forget about a back-up plan and this can be a big problem. There is nothing worse than rain-drenched hula dancers! But, seriously, these company picnics are the last place you are going to want to have a discount, amateur catering business. We will plan your event down to the last detail, and then some. You can count on us to be prepared for any extenuating circumstance. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and we’ll get you on the books for the best pig roast in the region!


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