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New Brand, New Site, New Tasty Catering

On Monday, November 4th, the entire Tasty Catering staff met in the warehouse next door for the quarterly company-wide party.

The celebration began with a delicious Polish dinner made by Larry and Alfredo.


The food quickly disappeared—as did the beer, wine and sodas—and of all the Tasty Catering employees enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with each other after-hours.


After dinner came the presentations, and this quarter there was much to celebrate.  As per usual, Tim (in English) and Eugene (in Spanish) walked the entire company through the financials and state of the union.


They brought good news of potential for growth, inspiring the company to continue to work hard to accomplish our challenging goals by the end of the year—and reminding our staff that we would celebrate the success with another party.


Also, as everyone was aware, it was Launch Day.  After months of hard work, our marketing team, nuphoriq, was ready to release the new Tasty Catering brand and website.

To help build the hype, nuphoriq put together an activity, the Tasty Amazing Race, as they called it.  The company was divided into six teams and each had to solve six clues, visiting different places on the Tasty Catering premises to retrieve each one.  Each participant received a cookie, one of which on each team had their first clue on the back.


Each of the six locations required the teams to complete an activity in order to retrieve the next clue:

IMG_3203 IMG_3206

IMG_3194 IMG_3192


IMG_3207 IMG_3197

When the team was finished, all members hustled back to the party facility to unscramble a set of letters. The first team to unscramble all six words was the winner.

IMG_3220 IMG_3240

IMG_3237 IMG_3223

The Pink Team—Peggy, Jessica, Teresa, Eduardo, Zac, Eva, Leticia and Ricardo—took home the first place prize.


The six unscrambled words ended up seguing from the activity portion of the evening into the big reveal of the new brand—those six words describe the new brand identity and its characteristics.

Our marketing team took that opportunity to share the new website with the entire company, receiving many oohs and aahs at the beautiful photos, state-of-the-art venue selector tool, advanced features, simple contact forms, personal employee bios and videos and ultra-easy navigation.

IMG_3251 IMG_3256

We are very excited to share this new brand and website with you and cannot wait to see what our clients have to say about it.

Please share your thoughts with us here, or on any one of our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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