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Chicago Holiday Party Ideas That Please Any Generation

Match Generations with Unique Holiday Party ThemesAfter nearly three decades of servicing a diverse group of clients, our trusted Chicago catering company has learned to adapt the value we provide to the generation we cater to. From baby boomers to millennials, each generation has different wants and needs. Fortunately, their preferences and behavior patterns are well-known, so you can customize your holiday party to create an atmosphere in which they thrive.

To really engage a particular generation at your holiday party, we recommend that you focus on choosing an appropriate theme and menu based on their characteristics.

Match Generations with Unique Holiday Party Themes

Holiday Party Ideas That Reward Millennials

French Toast Holiday BreakfastThe children of baby boomers are tech savvy, multi-tasking, optimistic individuals. And with those traits comes great ambition for which they expect to be applauded. These millennials—or Generation Y, as they are also known—thrive on praise and recognition for their accomplishments. So give them both with one of these holiday party themes:

  • Pajamas holiday party breakfast: Millennials will love it when you reward and recognize their hard work by inviting them to casually roll into the office for a breakfast party in their pajamas. French toast and eggs is a fresh take on the ever-popular pancakes and pajamas party. And, as an added bonus, the protein will keep them satisfied and productive when they get to work later in the day. For a generation that places a high value on work-life balance, we cannot think of a more fitting holiday party idea.Tip: Set up a custom omelet station to empower Gen Y right down to their holiday party menu.
  • Play ball holiday party: When BizBash researched what millennials want from events, among their findings were technology, interactivity, games and group dynamics. And you can foster all of these in a technologically advanced sports-themed holiday party. Just find yourself a Chicago venue like Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Clubhouse that has vast indoor and outdoor space for interactive games, and then be ready to reward Gen Y with fun prizes.

Tip: Welcome Gen Y with appetizers that put a creative twist on classic ballpark food. Warm pretzel dog bites with sweet habanero dipping sauce are sure to go over well.

Holiday Party Themes That Empower Generation X 

Holiday Party Irish Food Theme
The individuals of Gen X are self-reliant and embrace diversity. They pave their own way—rejecting rules and restrictions. So rather than tell them what to do, give them options. And the most obvious way you can do this is by designing a diverse holiday party menu that matches one of these inclusive holiday party ideas:

  • Around the world holiday lunch: What better way to accept different cultures and traditions than with a global-themed holiday party? A custom menu with cuisine from a variety of regions is all you need to get started. And remember to provide options even within each cuisine. For example, you can showcase the potatoes Ireland is known for in all these different forms:
    • Baked sweet potato hash
    • Bacon and Asiago mashed potatoes
    • Mashed potatoes and gravy
    • Sweet potato bites
  • Potluck office holiday party: A potluck-style event encourages guests to share and collaborate—making it an ideal choice for companies looking to bond employees. This is also a great time to reward employees for their loyalty by treating them to the highest-quality holiday party food, including hand-carved turkey breast and sage and chestnut stuffing with turkey gravy.

Holiday Party Ideas Baby Boomers Will Appreciate

That's Caring Gifts That Give Back
That’s Caring |

Baby boomers are competitive and driven, but they also value teamwork and collaboration. And, most of all, this generation that is known as the “Moral Authority” wants to make a difference in their world. They will appreciate being serviced by one of the Chicago catering companies that is well-connected to the community. And these other holiday party ideas will also add to their delight:

  • Company holiday party that gives back: Welcome guests with delicious drinks and appetizers that accompany a raffle benefiting local charities. And wrap up the celebration by handing out party favors from a company like That’s Caring that will also give a gift to someone in need. For your holiday party menu, think heartwarming with items like roasted pork loin served with roasted apples and caraway-ginger snap gravy.
  • Retro holiday party: Pay tribute to baby boomers’ roots with music from the ‘50s and ‘60s as well as red and green tie-dye decorations. A holiday party menu with plenty of comfort foods like sweet chili meatballs completes the package.

With an experienced and adaptable Chicago catering company by your side, you will have no problem pleasing all your guests. If you would like our friendly staff to bring the highest-quality food and service to your holiday party, contact us online or give us a call at (847) 593-2000.

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