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Tasty Catering’s Ellen Harte Featured in West Suburban Living

A key aspect of any successful event is the food, and these days that can mean anything from traditional sit-down banquets, to farm-style barbecues and picnics, to theme-oriented menus.

Hiring a caterer was never an option when I planned my wedding 30-plus years ago. As the first bride since the Johnson administration in a large extended family with a 400-year tradition of DIY farmyard receptions, I was content to embrace that legacy — even though my “family farm” was the large vegetable garden in my parents’ suburban back yard. When I asked my mother if she’d rather use a caterer than cook dinner for 100, she replied that we couldn’t disappoint all the aunts who’d already filled their freezers with homemade hors d’oeuvres to contribute, even though we’d just announced the engagement a week before.

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