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Elmhurst Picnic Catering Services

Tasty Catering’s capable staff enjoy showing up to work every day! That tells you a whole lot about the people you work with.Tasty Catering is no exception. Our company’s atmosphere is down to earth and friendly. For many of the staff members, it’s actually like a second home. Tasty Catering is a family business. For more than 23 years, we have been exceeding the catering needs of the Chicago area corporations and organizations.

As a preeminent corporate catering and event planning services company, our image is constructed upon the single principle of providing our customers with exceptional service and quality. We have expanded our services to include more cost-effective events such as pig roast catering, picnic catering, outdoor catering and company picnics. This was seen as a solution to helping Tasty Catering’s clients who were looking to host less lavish and opulent corporate events in expensive venues. We came up with some great substitutions for company and corporate events which have really caught on with our customers. In fact, many of Tasty Catering’s clientele prefer the idea of recognizing retired employees at a picnic catering event. Others would much rather schedule a family corporate pig roast on the Fourth of July at an awesome outdoor venue where employees and their families can participate in golfing, swimming, softball or even boating activities. Recently Tasty Catering’s Elmhurst clients have been arranging for us to help them plan their impending summer company picnic and pig roast. They have selected a lovely venue we recommended to them that offers great outdoor space for their activities, as well as a beautifully appointed banquet room to be used as a back-up in the event of rain.

Elmhurst Corporate Picnic Catering

Elmhurst, Illinois is roughly 16 miles from the Chicago Loop in both DuPage and Cook Counties. The population of Elmhurst is almost 50,000 residents, with nearly 16,000 households. Elmhurst has a median household income at almost $100,000, and a median household value of approximately $340,000. Chicago magazine dubbed Elmhurst “The quintessential Chicago suburb—pretty, safe and alive with cultural offerings.” Elmhurst sees Tasty Catering as their ultimate catering and event-planning resource. They understand that we are able to accommodate any size corporate or business event and, at the same time, honor our Elmhurst clients’ budget considerations. With the help and wisdom of our experienced staff at Tasty Catering, you’ll be able to relax, knowing that our expert chef and culinary team will transform your company picnic and pig roast into something your employees will be talking about for years to come. Our capable and dedicated professional staff will cater to any special dietary needs or restrictions of you or your guests. It’s the little niceties that make a huge difference in the success of our catered events and keep our customers returning year after year!

Elmhurst Outdoor Catering

Tasty Catering’s family-owned and operated catering company has developed an incredible leadership team. The key to any good business is having strong, savvy leadership at the helm of the business; the key to great business is having happy, knowledgeable and productive staff who, in turn, will keep our clients happy! This is why Tasty Catering enjoys the kind of constant success that it does. When the country was beginning to take some real financial hits due to tough economic times,Tasty Catering wanted to reassure its clients that, even in tough times, you can find something to celebrate at an affordable rate. The sentiment resonated throughout the community, and Tasty Catering continued to see business as usual. Because the company is so flexible and headed by visionaries, we were able to weather the economic storm and stay afloat. We have incorporated some outstanding catering events like pig roasts, picnic catering, company picnics and outdoor catering which have been overwhelmingly well-received by Chicagoland communities. These less formal and more casual events are more affordable and extremely popular for both companies and their employees. To learn more about hosting a pig roast at a company picnic, call us today.


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