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Des Plaines Picnic Catering Services

Tasty Catering’s menus are mouth-watering and full of variety. From classic dishes like chicken champagne to company picnic favorites like pig roasts, we serve and deliver the freshest, most succulent catered meals. Our capabilities span from corporate drop-off catering to large scale pig roasts, company picnics and just about everything in between.

Tasty Catering is Chicagoland’s premier business caterer and event planning company, so if your business needs it; we can do it. Catering is our primary business; whether it’s your company’s big anniversary celebration or a corporate picnic event including your family members, we are here to serve you! Tasty Catering’s experienced event planning experts will assist you in developing a theme, the décor and entertainment options to provide stunning results and lasting memories. Plus, Tasty Catering’s guarantee to fulfill all promises to our customers has resulted in a culture built on supplying incomparable service and excellence in everything we do. Tasty Catering lead by our core values, which means we will:

  • Always be moral, ethical and legal;
  • Treat all others with respect;
  • Provide quality in everything we do;
  • Have high customer standards;
  • A competitive and strong determination to be the best;
  • Possess an enduring culture of individual discipline; and
  • Guarantee freedom and responsibility within the culture of individual discipline.

Tasty Catering Many Des Plaines businesses have been looking into Tasty Catering’s picnic catering and pig roast catering services. They find the idea of having a company picnic an attractive alternative to the formal black tie soirees they are accustomed to having. The Des Plaines corporate big wigs also favor the concept of hosting a less expensive and more enjoyable event for its employees.

Des Plaines Corporate Picnic Catering

Des Plaines, Illinois is located in Cook County 18 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago. A large portion of the village’s population lives outside the city limits in unincorporated areas. Des Plaines has almost 60,000 residents, with more than 22,000 households, and in access of 15,000 families. The Des Plaines’ median household income is almost $54,000 and the median family income is nearly $66,000. The median home value in Des Plaines is about $175,000. Recently, many Des Plaines businesses have been looking for an alternative to their typical corporate parties. Most of them are already quite familiar with the outstanding reputation of Tasty Catering. Not surprising many have used our services in the past. They have shown a particular interest in our picnic catering, company picnics and pig roasts. They understand the appealing possibilities of holding a casual event that is more affordable to the company and more enjoyable for the employees. Further, they know thatTasty Catering’s more informal outdoor catering events in no way detract from the purpose of the occasion, whether it is a beloved employee’s retirement picnic or an annual company gathering. The locale and attire may be less formal, but the event is no less enjoyable and praiseworthy.

Des Plaines Outdoor Catering

Our menus are the best yet! Tasty Catering’s culinary team is led by Chef Alfredo Velasquez. The team aspires to bring you great tasting cuisine as well as nutritionally sound food. We are also able to cater to our customers’ dietary needs and restrictions. Furthermore, Tasty Catering offers more gluten-free, organic and vegan menu items than any of our competitors. Our company has a reputation for attracting loyal customers who prefer high quality and first-rate service for a fair price, and our staff is screened for skill and hired for attitude. You will find that Tasty Catering’s employees are people-pleasers and a customer-oriented company. To ensure high levels of service, we provide ongoing training to all staff members in order to enhance your experience with us. If you think this sounds like a good thing, wait until you taste our food! Call now to reserve our team of experts to help you create the finest company picnic, pig roast catering event or outdoor catering event for your company. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and you to get to know the best catering service in the region – Tasty Catering.


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