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Corporate Meeting Planning Checklist & Tips

How to Plan for Hosting a Corporate Meeting

Putting together a corporate meeting or gathering for training can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to planning that type of company function.  To help ease the stress and make the process a little less daunting, we have put together this corporate meetings checklist to help keep you sane and your group productive.

Corporate Meetings Checklist

When setting up your corporate meeting space, make sure you include all of the following in your corporate meeting room:

  • A well configured meeting space.  If you will be using a projector or utilizing speakers, set up your corporate meeting room so that each attendee can clearly see the information being presented to them.
  • All necessary equipment and adapters to run any meeting-specific technology.  If you are using a projector, know how to use it before the morning of the meeting.  Make sure all technology is plugged in, has the right batteries, is set up for your particular presentation, etc.
  • Temperature control for your meeting space.  If it is cold outside, crank up the heat to a comfortable temperature.  If it is hot outside, be sure to have the air conditioning on or fans circulating cooler air to keep attendees from overheating.
  • Clearly defined places for attendees to be seated and unpack their things.  This means making certain to have enough chairs and table space to comfortably accommodate all meeting members.  Having a little bit of space to spread out will allow each member to approach the meeting with a feeling of ease.
  • A plethora of easy-to-access wall outlets or power strips so that all meeting members can plug in devices like computers and tablets for increased productivity and collaboration.  No one wants battery power issues to interrupt progress.
  • Copies of all necessary meeting documents, including spreadsheets, a meeting agenda, notes, productivity reports and more.  These can either be printed and left at each seat, or can be distributed via email in advance (to keep your meeting more eco-friendly) and accessed on the aforementioned electronic devices.
  • Pads of paper and pens for taking notes—you never know what works best for your corporate meeting attendees, and having multiple outlets for keeping track of information ensures that no one is left out of the productivity.
  • Bottles of water and mugs for hot coffee or tea at each corporate meeting chair/place setting—this will help increase productivity by allowing your attendees to stay hydrated and awake.
  • Scheduled catered snack and meal breaks.  Provide your corporate meeting attendees with brain powering snacks, meals and coffee breaks to keep stomachs from rumbling, brains functioning at full capacity and energy levels high.  Your corporate meeting attendees will feel taken care of and ready to work when they have plenty of delectable munchies to fill their bellies and plenty of water and caffeinated beverages to keep them going strong.



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