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Chicago-themed Ice Breakers for Corporate Meetings

Meetings, especially corporate meetings, are a great way for organization members of all levels to come together and generate ideas.  Those ideas flow even better when those meeting members know each other and have had a chance to “break the ice.”  Facilitate that process with any of these Chicago-themed ice breakers perfect for corporate meetings.

  1. Chicago Landmark Mix & Match—Split the corporate meeting group into two teams.  Hand members of one team cards with the names of Chicago landmarks (such as Navy Pier, the Water Tower Place, Pizzeria Uno, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, etc.) and the other team cards with descriptions of the landmarks.  Allow the teams to mingle, reading names and descriptions until they pair up appropriately (name of place with the correct description).
  2. Chicago Celebrity Imitations—Have corporate meeting participants showcase their favorite celebrity impressions (including any of these iconic individuals: Ditka, Michael Jordan, Rahm Emmanuel, Harrison Ford, Oprah, Al Capone, Chris Farley, John Dillinger, John Belushi, President Barack Obama or others—they do not have to currently live in Chicago, but they have to at least have been born there) while the rest of the group gets into the positive work environment mood with a good laugh.
  3. Chicago Brews Taste Test—Coffees in the morning, beers in the afternoon (company policies permitting).  Chicago is becoming well known for its cultures in both, so offering your meeting participants the opportunity to taste a few delicious drinks and discuss their opinions will help get them ready for the rest of what is to come.
  4. Company-based Trivia—Use the ice breakers portion of your corporate meeting to allow your meeting members to refresh their company facts.  Playing company-centered trivia or corporate-focused Jeopardy will be a great way to get teams talking and ready for the work ahead.
  5. Two Truths and A Lie, Chicago-style—Split the meeting group into multiple teams.  Each meeting member writes down two truths about his or her life in Chicago and one lie.  Once each member has completed the step, allow 15 minutes of mingling and talking so that everyone can quiz each other about the items written down.  The object is for each member to convince others that their Chicago life-based lie is a truth, so good stories are key.  Award points for each lie that stumps, and the team with the most points wins.
  6. 10 Chicago Things in Common—Have members walk throughout the room and discuss things they enjoy doing, eating, reading, watching or visiting in the Chicago area.  Members then write down the Chicago area things they find they have in common with their coworkers, and bond over all things Chicago in this corporate ice breaking favorite.
  7. My Name Is—Make sure everyone knows everyone else in your corporate meeting with this corporate meeting ice breaker.  Each person says his or her name and an adjective that he or she would use to describe him or herself.  The adjective must describe the member’s dominant characteristic, and must also start with the same letter as his or her name.  Refer to members by their dual name (examples: “Enthusiastic Ellen,” “Courageous Carrie” or “Diligent Derek”) for the rest of the meeting.
  8. Desert Island Chicago Things—This crowd favorite will make a great corporate ice breaker.  Have meeting members say three Chicago things (teams, restaurants, products, activities, etc.) that they would need to have with them if they were stranded on a desert island.  Everyone will be amazed at how much they have in common with their coworkers.

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