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Arlington Heights Picnic Catering Services

For nearly 23 years, Tasty Catering has been connecting good food with good businesses all over the Chicagoland area. In 1989, Tasty Catering was founded by the Walter brothers – Larry, Kevin and Thomas- who shared an incredible love for all things culinary.

Tasty Catering is a suburban, Chicago-based corporate catering and event-planning services company known for its commitment to excellence and attention to detail. From banquets to pig roasts, from cocktail hour to company picnics, the success of a gathering usually lies within the details, and we’ve got you covered! If you are hosting a company picnic, pig roast, or an outdoor catering event, and you’re not sure where to start, Tasty Catering is the best place to begin. We’ve come up with a foolproof guide to locating the ideal venue for your event. And, after you’ve determined the type of venue you want, we will provide you with a list of fine, regional outdoor event sites. Next, we will help you with all the particulars – from choosing your venue to picking your menu. We partnering with small Chicagoland businesses to Fortune 500 corporations in assisting them:

  • Grow sales;
  • Increase profits;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Establish employee and customer loyalty; and
  • Improve employee morale.

Lately, with the economy’s recent downturn, businesses have been interested in trimming expenses, but, for the sake of employee morale, they haven’t wanted to discontinue important events. This is how the pig roast concept was born over five years ago, and according to Larry Walter, Tasty Catering’s Director of Operations, it is so popular with outdoor catered parties and company picnics that they are catering six to 12 per week pig roasts during the season. Our corporate and small businesses in Arlington Heights have joined the bandwagon, or should we say “chuck wagon,” and are scheduling pig roasts for their upcoming company picnics!

Arlington Heights Corporate Picnic Catering

Arlington Heights, Illinois is an affluent community located 25 miles northwest of downtown Chicago in both Cook and Lake Counties. Arlington Heights’ population is about 80,000 residents, with nearly 20,000 households. In spite of the fact that Arlington Heights is a suburban village, it actually has a BIG city atmosphere to it. With a median household income of almost $70,000, the median housing value is over $315,000. Recently, Arlington Heights has experienced an uptick in development of the Central Business District of the downtown. There have been a number of areas which have shown considerable expansion including: business, residential, community development along with community design. Naturally, it seems perfectly understandable that Arlington Heights business owners and corporations are interesting in what Tasty Catering has to offer. They like the idea of moving in the direction of less-excessive corporate events. And our Arlington Heights clients find Tasty Catering’s pig roasts a “recession-proof” option to more lavish and expensive, high-end and formal celebratory events.

Arlington Heights Outdoor Catering

If you are a little tired of the fancy, black-tie corporate occasions where you have to put on an uncomfortable tuxedo or suit and your better half has to purchase a pricey and equally uncomfortable gown with all the accessories that she will never again wear, then you should be thrilled to learn that this year’s annual corporate dinner, retirement party or company awards event will be held outdoors in a lovely, park-like setting and the appropriate attire will be CASUAL! This trend of replacing ostentatious events with more affordable alternatives like pig roasts, company picnics or outdoor catering events will probably result in becoming a yearly tradition. Besides thinking outside the box and coming up with this sensible option to pretentious galas, you won’t be surprised to discover that Tasty Catering is also a company that has a true corporate conscience! We believe it is it the best interests of everyone that we are environmentally responsible. Consequently, all company picnic events, picnic catering, pig roasts and outdoor catering events are now 95% eco-friendly! That means that all the plates are made from recycled fiber; all the cups are made from cornstarch; and all the cutlery is made from potato starch. Furthermore, all picnic items are compostable; and cans, plastics and paper products are recycled. It’s not surprising that Tasty Catering has received so many accolades in the industry. We not only “walk the walk,” but we “talk the talk” when it comes to our conduct as a company, employer and civic-minded business. Tasty Catering’s pledge to deliver on our promises has contributed to a culture built on providing exceptional service and quality in everything we do, so that our customers can concentrate on what they do best. Don’t be surprised to discover that once your company or corporation begins hosting pig roasts and other company picnics and outdoor catering events, you will be setting a president that will probably never be challenged. Call us today to learn more about our impressive and unique pig roast catering events, picnic catering events and outdoor catering events. We are looking forward to serving you!



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